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Where You Can Win $1,000 Just By Watching A Habs Playoff Game In Montreal

Go Habs Go!
Where You Can Win $1,000 Just By Watching A Habs Playoff Game In Montreal

Without question, Montreal is the hockey mecca of the world, especially when the Canadiens are on a playoff run. There is a tangible energy everywhere you go in the city, with both hardcore fans and bandwagoners alike, celebrate the promise of our glorious Bleu Blanc Rouge winning it all and bringing home Lord Stanley's Cup where it rightfully belongs. If you're looking for a good place to watch the Habs close out their series with the Ottawa Senators tonight and maybe win some big money at the same time, keep reading.

While it's impossible to ever match the thrilling atmosphere of the Bell Centre itself, the Casino offers the next best thing. As an official partner of the Montreal Canadiens, the Casino is proving just how big a fan they are by not only decking out the entire building in Habs colours, but also hosting free Habs-themed nights that take over every floor, every bar, every speaker and every screen, including the giant multimedia wall located at its heart.

As the largest casino in Canada, obviously the fun doesn't stop there. On certain game nights, Youppi and various former Habs will be greeting fans and signing autographs, and take part in all kinds of activities going on during intermissions, including competitions with great prizes to be won like $1,000 in cashtickets to a game next season, signed jerseys, private dinners in the Mise au Jeu restaurant and more.

A DJ keeps the hype going between periods, and on weekends, the bar will feature a live band.

And what game would be complete without beer and hot dogs? That's why the more beer you buy, the more FREE hot dogs you get! A 12 oz Budweiser gets you 1 hot dog, a 20 oz gets you 2, and buying a pitcher scores you 4 free mother trucking hot dogs.

While you're there, don't forget to nab some Habs merch from the lovely Habs girls, and get caught doing something embarrassing on the Fan Cam to complete the experience.

The Montreal Casino is already an impressive place, but cheering on the Canadiens in front of a 48-screen multimedia wall, with surround sound, and hundreds of fellow Habs fans is pretty damn extraordinary. Not to mention the fact that all 135 exterior flags surrounding the casino have been replaced with Habs flags, and Montreal's very own Moment Factory are lighting up the sky with our favourite team colours. So if you are not fortunate enough to be sitting in the stands at the Bell Centre next game, head over to the Casino for the next best thing and you might just go home $1,000 richer.


Check out the Montreal Casino Facebook Page and website for more details.