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Which Is Your Favorite? Mean Girls Or Bridesmaids

They can't help it that they're so popular.
Which Is Your Favorite? Mean Girls Or Bridesmaids

Well we had our first pole yesterday which asked which was your favorite: Steamies or Toasted Hotdogs. And the results show that Steamies won with over 60% of the votes.

Now onto more important questions. Okay, maybe important isn't the right word here. Let's use "entertaining" instead.

We are pinning 2 instant classics against each other to find out which one Montrealers love best.

Mean Girls or Bridesmaids

So which do you prefer? Bridesmaids was so funny, boyfriends didn't even mind getting dragged to it. But you can still find Mean Girls references everywhere, meaning it has had a lasting impact even though it came out 11 years ago. (Holy shit 11 years!)

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