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Which Montreal Neighbourhood You Should Live In Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A handy guide, just in time for apartment viewing season!
Which Montreal Neighbourhood You Should Live In Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Each Montreal neighbourhood has its own distinct vibe: from the artsy, DIY style of the Mile End to the luxurious condos in Montreal's Old Port, there are pros and cons to each borough in the city.

Renters, therefore, have a lot to consider when thinking about where they want to live. Trying to find the perfect neighborhood for you is a daunting task, but it can make all the difference to your quality of life. Because those who like the bustling city, for example, are not going to be happy living in Westmount. And those who need peace and quiet should not settle in the financial district.

The answer is actually written in the stars: based on the characteristics of each astrological sign, I've compiled a list of what neighbourhood each sign should live in.

Aries: NDG

Why: NDG is a vibrant, creative neighbourhood perfect for an Aries. The energetic fire sign will feel right at home flitting from restaurant to restaurant and dipping into quirky stores. The organised, driven side of Aries will enjoy the many cafés in the neighbourhood that are perfect to study in. As an active sign, it will enjoy the close proximity to neighbourhood parks, bike paths and gyms.

Taurus: Griffintown.

Why: Headstrong Tauruses needs to live somewhere that can match their driven, reliable nature. Griffintown is a neighbourhood located in downtown, mainly populated by young professionals. Tauruses are known for their hedonistic love of material possessions and beautiful things. The neighbourhood, aesthetically pleasing in and of itself, is known for its amazing, refined cuisine and high-end accommodation.

Gemini: Outremont

Why: Geminis, well known for their mutable nature, could thrive pretty much anywhere. However, Outremont is especially well-suited for this air sign, who enjoying exploring, striking up conversations and being social. The neighbourhood is a melting pot for all sorts of ethnicities, who cohabit in a space that is both trendy and gritty.

Cancer: Lachine

Why: This protective crab likes to stay home in its comfy shell, away from the bustle of the city. The family-oriented sign will enjoy the neighbourhood which is home to many young families. The Lachine neighbourhood is a perfect, quiet oasis for the reclusive water signs, who will be in their own element close to the canal. And when cancers do want to venture out, there are many bars and restaurants on the waterfront to explore.

Leo: The Village

Why: This creative, take-charge sign needs to live somewhere where they can feel like they can really express themselves. The village, which has the city's highest concentration of LGBT+ people, attracts people from all walks of life. Leos will enjoy the village's vibrant nightlife and lively restaurants.

Virgo: Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Why: Hardworking, practical Virgos are at their most comfortable when surrounded by like-minded people. Originally a working-class neighbourhood, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is now the youngest borough in the city: a mix of blue-collar workers, students and immigrants. When Virgo wants to unwind, the borough's bars and attractions make for great distractions.

Libra: Plateau

Why: Social, intellectual Libras will enjoy the Plateau for its mix of cafés, restaurants and art galleries that the neighbourhood offers. The eclectic residents of the Plateau will give Libras the mental stimuli they need, and the higher-end restaurants and boutiques will allow Libras to be surrounded by the expensive things that they crave.

Scorpio: Quartier Latin (Ville-Marie)

Why: Passionate, creative Scorpio needs to be surrounded by a constant bustle, and the dominant water sign will not shy away from the stare of crowds. The Quartier Latin's many festivals, museums and concerts will allow Scorpios to feel and express their emotions in the way that they see fit.

Sagittarius: Côte des Neiges

Why: Sagittariuses are naturally curious, and they love travelling. This sign, therefore, won't mind the longer commute from the city's multicultural Côtes-des-Neiges to downtown. Extroverted Sagittariuses will enjoy Côtes-des-Neiges, which has neither a French nor English majority.

Capricorn: Westmount

Why: Serious, driven Capricorn will enjoy the neighbourhood of Westmount, which is fiercely independent and a little removed from the rest of the city. The traditional sign will love the classic architecture of the borough, and the hardworking nature of its residents. Westmount's obvious wealth is motivating for Capricorns, who are all about that grind.

Aquarius: Verdun

Why: Aquarius are as hardworking and serious as they are energetic and eccentric. The sign will, therefore, enjoy Verdun's eclectic mix of blue-collar workers and new, gentrifying artists and young professionals. The borough's distance from downtown is great for the air sign because Aquariuses need space and time alone in order to recharge.

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Pisces: Mile End

Why: Sweet, creative Pisces will enjoy the Mile End, which is home to the highest percentage of the city's artists and tradesmen. With amazing food (helllo, great bagels) and shops, this gentle water sign won't have to stray far from home too often.

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