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This Mountain Just 2 Hours From Montreal Takes You Over 1,400 Metres Above Ground

Taking "head in the clouds" to a whole new level.
This Mountain Just 2 Hours From Montreal Takes You Over 1,400 Metres Above Ground

There's a summit not far too from Quebec that presents a real challenge for people who love hiking in high places. Just over two hours from Montreal, you can find Whiteface Mountain, which has an elevation of over 1,400 metres. Now succeeding in a hike that high up will be something to brag to your friends about.

This mountain, found in the state of New York, offers an exceptional 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains and lakes as well as the cities further away.

You can even see a few Montreal skyscrapers in the distance.

This is one of the largest mountains in the Adirondacks of the United States. It takes about eight hours to complete the trip up and the round trip distance is 16.8 kilometres.

Once parked on-site, simply follow the signs to the Wilmington Trail. You can then follow the directions to the top of Whiteface.

As this is a difficult climb, it's important to do it at your own pace. Especially since there are some challenging movements to do in some spots.

But no need to worry, there are also easier trails around such.

If you want to check out the view, but don't have eight hours to make this climb, rest assured that you can also drive to the top.

So whether you want to hike the whole way or drive your way up, this mountain has got you covered.

The mountain is known not only for its ski slopes in winter, and also for its dream setting that is perfect for weddings.

Whether it's in summer, to see the clouds from above, in autumn, to see the most beautiful colours or in winter, to admire the white landscape, this summit's impressive at any time of the year.

Whiteface Mountain

Cost: $18 US to park a vehicle + one person; $12 US per additional person to park at the top of the mountain (weekend rates)

Address: 5021 Route 86, Wilmington, New York

Why you need to go: To visit one of the most impressive summits in the United States that's only two hours from Montreal. Whenever the borders open up again and travel is permitted, of course!


This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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