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Who Knew Montreal Had A Psychedelic Music Festival?

Trippy music and dive bars.

Apparently psych music is a thing in Montreal. So big that there is a small festival called Montreal Psych Fest that’s been going on for two years now in the city to promote local and out-of-town bands. Most of the venues are small dive bars like Barfly and some acts even have visual shows to trip you out while you listen to acid rock. The festival is going on from October 10th to the 13th at places all over the city. Big acts include UUBBUURRUU, Saffrons, El Napoleon and Melted Face. You only have to shell out about $10 for most shows so you’re not going to break the bank.

Montreal Psych Fest is the first psych music festival in Canada but the US already has a ton of festivals in places like Austin, LA and New York State. Denmark and Switzerland also host festivals to promote psych music.

Pick your poison and check out the face-melting guitar riffs and jagged vocals of these psych artists.

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