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Why A Lot Of Montrealers Feel Like Sh*t This Week

Myself included.
Why A Lot Of Montrealers Feel Like Sh*t This Week

I know you're feeling it too. 

It's getting a lot harder to wake up in the morning. You're either sick, or can you feel the sniffles and sore throat slowly creeping up on you. Your morning coffee seems to be broken because you're on your third one and you're still half asleep. 

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Well my friends, you are not alone. Many people feel the same way right now, and here's why:

There are currently 3 factors affecting the way we feel right now. I like to call it The Trifecta of Crap.

The Weather:

The weather can have a strong impact on our bodies and on how we feel. Right now it may be colder, but it's still very humid outside, and high humidity tends to cause poor concentration, fatigue and sleepiness.

The Winter Blues:

Only 2% of people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, but up to 10% can suffer from a milder form of S.A.D. called the winter blues. It's mostly caused by the fact that the days are getting shorter, which is messing with your body's internal clock. This makes you feel groggy, disoriented and it can also mess with your mood and appetite.

Brain Chemistry:

Since the sun doesn't rise as early as it normally does, it's beginning to confuse your brain. The brain produces melatonin to help you stay asleep which is normally interrupted when the sun goes up. So now your body is producing way too much melatonin which is why you don't feel alert in the morning.

On top of all that, reduced sunlight levels can lower your body’s serotonin production, which helps regulate your mood. It can also mess with your sleep, your appetite, your sex life and even your memory.

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