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Why All The Fish Are Suddenly Dying In Montreal

Everything you need to know about 'Poisson-Pocalypse'!
Why All The Fish Are Suddenly Dying In Montreal

If you were unfortunate enough to visit Beaver Lake this week then you were probably greeted with a pretty gruesome scene.

Rotting, bloated fish carcasses floating around, while rest of their half-dead friends nibble on them. if that wasn't bad enough, the edge of the lake is lined with rotting fish that have been scooped out of the water by seagulls and left to fester in the hot sun.

But why the hell are the fish dying so suddenly?

Maybe this a sign of the coming apocalypse, then again maybe it's caused by global warming or too much pollution.

Or perhaps the explanation is simpler.

The fish just aren't supposed to be there.

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As it turn out, the city of Montreal never put the fish in Beaver Lake because such a small artificial pond can't provide enough food or oxygen for a wild fish population to survive.

The city of Montreal actually killed the fish that were living in the pond when they drained the lake for renovations in 2012.

So if the city didn't put them there, then where the hell did the fish come from?

Apparently Montrealers are the ones throwing in fish for random reasons. Maybe they aren't responsible enough to care for a goldfish, so they throw them in the lake instead of flushing them down the toilet and this is the result.

They had a few fish orgies and now they are simply too many of them. One thing is clear, we have to get rid of those fish before the whole lake turns into a steaming bouillabaisse.

The City of Montreal doesn't want to simply kill all the fish and remove them so instead they decided to let them die off on their own and clean up the carcasses as they pile up. I'm sure the smell will be lovely in the meantime.

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