Why Ariana Grande Is An Example To Us All After Her Breakup With Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande has been through a harrowing few months.

After the release of her best-selling and critically-acclaimed latest album, Sweetener, Grande's career seemed to reach new heights.

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TL;DR Grande's breakup with Pete Davidson is a public demonstration of the importance of self-care.

The elation of that accomplishment, however, came to a sudden end for the artist after the death of her friend and ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

The tragic passing of the young rapper sent Grande into an extended period of mourning.

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October 9, 2018

The stress and hardwork of album promotion coupled with the loss of a dear friend eventually took a toll on her mental health.

Two weeks ago, she took to Twitter to express her frustration and anxiety.

Via Narcity

Via Narcity

Fans were, of couse, worried about the singer.

But on top of all this, Grande also had to contend with her fiancé's potentially disparaging public comments about their relationship.

While the pair was certainly unconventional, Pete Davidson's public evaluations of Grande's appearance, their sex life, and intimate moments appeared insensitive, even disrespectful.

Davidson has said that Grande gives him a perpetual boner, that he thinks about 9/11 while they are having sex, and sympathized with the pastor that inappropriately gropped her during a tribute to Aretha Franklin.

This weekend, Grande ended the relationship. The news quickly spread around the internet.

But while most sources have focused on the gossip surrounding the breakup, few have given Grande the credit she deserves.

In fact, Grande is taking a stand for her own well-being.

By simply sharing on Twitter that she was going through a hard time, Grande made a monumental move.

She demonstrated that it is okay to experience despair and ask for help. Discussions of mental health are still taboo in our society. Grande shattered that social interdiction with her Twitter posts.

The breakup with Davidson is another such demonstration. Whatever her feelings for Davidson, Grande has clearly decided to put herself first.

Indeed, she has exited a relationship in which, by all appearances, the man seemed to dominate its public image and capitalize on the intrigue that dominated tabloids.

The breakup is hardly proof of any kind of faltering celebrity.

Instead, the separation is a declaration of self-care.

Grande is one of the most talented and hard-working artists in the industry. Her breakup with Davidson only undercores that claim.