Why Bacon Is Actually Good For Your Mental Health

You are not what you eat.
Why Bacon Is Actually Good For Your Mental Health

photocred - Andrew Olney

When you are asked to name the God of all foods, or for eternal happiness, you think bacon. Bacon was set on the backburner by health guru’s everywhere protesting its harmful effects to the environment and to the body but I am here, to assure you, and express my opposition that bacon is in fact good for your health. Several studies show that the Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in bacon can actually protect the heart from developing anomalies and reduce inflammation!

With that being said, GO NUTS on the bacon this Saturday’s brunch! You have NO reason to feel guilty about it. In fact, bacon actually contains less fat than some cuts of beef… believe it or not.

Of course, like everything I write about, stay perceptive and keep that bacon consumption in moderation. Even with over-doing it on high-quality fats, it can lead to weight-gain just like over-doing it on complex carbs can lead to weight gain.

Bacon is filled with ‘choline‘ in which is responsible for our increase in intelligence and memory. By increasing our cognitive memory, we are reducing our chances of Alzheimer’s disease and other mental health issues.

Bacon is a source of saturated fat, and saturated fats are one of the many pillars of healthy fats we need in the human body. Our brains require it to function properly so why should we deprive it of such need. Not only does bacon fully satisfy our appetite; it is evident to help build leaner, stronger muscles.

Lastly, bacon is proven to effectively improve mood. The umami in bacon is an addictive substance that has a [positive] neurological impact on the brain.

So, in summary, bacon is surprisingly nutritious and good for mental health. It reduces natural stress on the body, provides us with substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals such as B-vitamins, zinc, iron, protein, and fat. And may reduce chronic mental health impairments like depression.

Side note: This also applies to bacon grease.

Happy Bacon-ing!