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Why Being Bilingual In Montreal Is A Very Good Thing

Why knowing French and English makes you an overall better person.
Why Being Bilingual In Montreal Is A Very Good Thing

If you're ever annoyed by the fact that Montreal is a bilingual city, you have nothing to complain about. Rosetta Stone, the renowned language learning program, conducted a survey to find out the language speaking habits and abilities of UK residents and the world at large, with the results being quite positive.

Keep in mind Montrealers:

  • There are 1 billion English speakers worldwide
  • There are 125 million French speakers worldwide

So simply by being in Montreal, you already speak/can easily learn two languages spoken by about 1/6th of the world. 

And the good doesn't stop there. UK residents experienced these life improvements after learning a new language:

  • 58% surveyed stated traveling was easier
  • 42% claimed knowing a second language helped them develop as a person
  • 33% attested to experience new cultures by learning a new language
  • 21% said it improved their career and job prospects 

Yes, these were benefits listed from UK citizens, but take a logical leap and I'm sure you can see how these benefits would apply to nearly anyone in the world.

Check out all the stats at the infographic here.

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