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Why Daft Punk & The Weeknd Need To Headline Osheaga 2017

Winter in Montreal may be full of fun events, but it's during the summer that we really come alive. Which is probably why even though the snow hasn't fallen yet, everyone is already hyping up the concerts and special events we have lined up for next year.

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There are already a ton of shows to look forward to in 2017 including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd and Bruno Mars.

But what about the festivals? None of the lineups have been announced yet, so now's the perfect time to start dreaming about who we would love to see on stage this year.

And the most in demand artists right now have got to be Daft Punk, who just so happen to be featured on the new song by the Weeknd which drops today!

via @theweeknd

Daft Punk have been around forever, and I've been a huge fan of theirs my entire life. The only problem is that Daft Punk seems to be allergic to touring. Other than the live appearances they've made in the 90's, Daft Punk only ever toured twice.

Their last tour goes all the way back to 2007, and luckily they did make a stop in Montreal.

Last month, a mysterious website popped up online. All it had was the word Alive on a black background. But when you checked the websites' code, it revealed a countdown and the coordinates to cities including: Paris, Los Angeles, London and New York. But when the countdown ended on October 27th, nothing was revealed and everyone concluded it was a hoax.

But the demand for Daft Punk is there. After all, they are two of the most popular artists in the world, and it's been nearly a decade since their last tour.

And since they seem to be too lazy to undertake an entire tour, perhaps they'd be more interested in headlining a single show. Yes, I'm talking about Osheaga.

They would only have to perform one time for a half hour, so that's an lot easier than taking on a tour. And why not Montreal? Have you ever seen Daft Punk without their mask? They look like 2 kids from St-Henri, they'd fit right in.

Plus, we're a French city, so that has to count for something . And if 30 minutes is too much, they can always just join the Weeknd on stage for one song and then disappear into the shadows for another 10 years.

Would you like to see The Weeknd & Daft Punk headline @osheaga 2017? #montreal#quebec#canada#osheaga#osheaga2017#theweeknd#daftpunk

— MTL Blog (@mtlblog) November 17, 2016

I doubt any other artist could attract as many fans as Daft Punk can. So if any event promoters are reading this, please, please, PLEASE, can we make this happen?

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