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Why Drinking Beer Is Actually Really Good For Your Health

How a brew will make you live longer.
Why Drinking Beer Is Actually Really Good For Your Health

Drinking isn't always bad for you, especially beer. The magical golden liquid has numerous health benefits, a few of which can be found below. Keep in mind, most of the studies featured stress moderation, as getting wasted on anything is bad for your body. Still, next time you crack open a beer, look to this list to feel much better about it.

Stronger Bones

  • Rich in silicon, beer aids in increasing bone-density and reducing the risks of fractures, as seen in a study among the elderly.Reach for a pale ale, the beer with the highest silicon content, to do your bones good. Milk is for kids.

All the Antioxidants

  • Wine is touted as the alcohol full of antioxidants but beer is no slouch either. Findings have shown that beer has the same amount of antioxidants as wine, and an increased amount of protein and vitamins.

Get Your B-Vitamins

  • Another win for beer over wine is its amount of B-vitamins. When compared beer drinkers were found to have double the amount of B6 vitamins than their wine drinking counterparts, also containing B12 and folic acid.

No Kidney Stones Bro

  • Finnish researchers found that beer aided in the prevention of kidney stones and healthy functioning of the organs. Men who drank a bottle of beer a day were 40% less likely to develop kidney stones.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

  • Who knew beer was so good for your heart? Well, Harvard researchers found out after a study on young women and blood pressure. The study found that beer drinkers were much less likely to develop high blood pressure versus women who drank wine or hard liquor.

Have a Sip, Not a Stroke

  • More Harvard research found that drinking beer, and other alcohols, admittedly, helped prevent the formation of blood clots that block blood flow to the heart, neck, and brain, all of which are the cause of strokes.

Controlling Portions

Beer isn't known to be good for your diet, but the fact that beer, unlike large bottles of wine or liquor, come in individual bottles, allowing you to control your consumption rate. If you don't have that much willpower, you can at least keep track of how in deep you've gotten.

Get Your Bowels Going

  • No one really thinks beer has fiber, but it is made from barley. Beer contains beta-glucans, a soluble fiber which acts as a natural laxative and the only dietary fiber noted to reduce risk of disease. Lager has 0.75 grams of fiber per bottle, and dark beer has 1.3 grams, so get sipping and get your bowels going.

Drink Beer, Stay Full

  • Beer is carbonated, but we all knew that. The bubbly magic of beer, along with its fiber content, make you full, and makes you stay that way. There's a reason why people get bloaty off of beer, and controlling your intake can help curb hunger and reduce overeating.

Stay Loose and Happy

  • We all know the glorious uses of beer as a social lubricant in a party setting, but it can also greatly increase your life expectancy. A study comparing non and heavy drinkers found that those who regularly drank beer/alcohol lived longer and were generally happy for the social aspect of drinking.

Are you convinced about the health benefits of beer?

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