Why Eating Poutine Makes You Fatter Than Your Friends

And why the thin stay that way without doing a thing.
Why Eating Poutine Makes You Fatter Than Your Friends

Why the hell do you gain ass, thigh, and muffintop fat every time you eat a poutine, while you're skinny bitch friends stay, well, skinny bitches? You go to the gym all the time, eat well all week, and still pack on a few from greasy foods. Life isn't fair, even when it comes to genetics.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School looked into the relationship between a person's genes and their likelihood to gain weight from fried food, and found there is a direct link.

Some people are simply more likely to gain weight from fried food because of their genetic makeup, while those without the "fat gene" will stay thin. Like Regina, at least before the weight-gain-protein bars.

The difference isn't ginormous, but it could give the extra push for some people to go from a "normal" weight to overweight. On the skinny side of things, the extra weight pretty much just melts away.

You now have even more reason to hate on 'dem skinny bitches, and your parents for saddling you with fat genes. As someone who is skinny-fat, I feel your pain.

Now hit the gym.

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