Why Friendship Between Guys And Girls Does Not Really Exist

Can you really be 'just' friends?
Why Friendship Between Guys And Girls Does Not Really Exist

It always bothers me when I hear girls say, "I'm only friends with guys, it's less drama". Like, how are you friends exactly? We're so different. We like different things. For example, guys don't do brunches with mimosas and talk about sex stuff. That's what girls do though. Do you call him up and tell him how you regret hooking up with that guy from the club yesterday? A normal dude doesn't want to hear these kinds of stories. So how are you friends with guys? Do you go play hockey with them and then you drink beer? No? Then you're not friends, sorry. You can be acquaintances, but friends? Oh, please! Here are five arguments that prove platonic friendship between girls and guys is a myth.

1. Guys and girls perceive friendships very differently

A research at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire examined cross-sex friendships and the results showed the following: even if women point out that they are not attracted to their male friends in any shape or form, men still assume that there is a certain level of attraction going on. In other words, men overestimate the actual level of romantic interest felt by their female friends. In addition, that same study showed that men are ready to act on this mistakenly perceived mutual attraction. Basically, your guy friends are DTF even if you have a boyfriend. Women are less inclined to initiate anything romantic even if they are genuinely attracted to their guy friends.

2. Men have sex on their minds

Norwegian University of Science and Technology has also conducted a similar study that surveyed 308 heterosexual undergrad students between the ages of 18 and 30, asking them about their cross-sex friendships. Here, again, the results show that males overperceive sexual signals sent by their female friends. Let's say you call your guy friend and invite him over to cuddle and watch Netflix, he will right away assume that you want the D in and around your mouth even though you really just want to cuddle.

3. One-sided feelings is a regular occurrence

There is always one person interested in a possible romantic outcome. Whether it's is the guy or the girl - it doesn't matter. One-sided feelings are always present. Can a friendship develop when one party is romantically interested in the other? I think not. The sexual tension will always make shit weird. Jealousy will start to ruin things for the two of you as well.

4. Guys always have an agenda

Jimmy Rice from Express UK wrote an interesting article about this topic. He says, "There’s always an agenda. It sounds shallow – but that’s how we men think." Guys are more likely to develop friendships with women they found attractive and/or that they were willing to sleep with. How can we speak of strictly platonic relationships when human beings are sexual creatures?

5. Friendship between a guy and a girl is possible under one condition

Yes, of course you can have guy friends, but only if they're gay. Otherwise, sexual tension is unavoidable.

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