Why Giant Spiders Are Invading Canadian Homes Right Now

Kill it! Kill it with fire!
Why Giant Spiders Are Invading Canadian Homes Right Now

Spiders... those little creepers are everywhere lately!

Sure, there are always plenty of spiders around at any given time, but this year it seems like the spider-condom market collapsed and they all decided to have as many babies as "spiderly possible" (The spider equivalent to "humanly possible")

But why are there so many spiders in our homes in Canada, and why are they so monstrously gigantic?

Sadly the weather is to blame. It turns out humans weren't the only ones who were enjoying the beautiful weather this summer, the spiders also took full advantage. 

The extra warm weather at the end of th season created an abundance of food for the spiders to hunt, which means there was less competition between them and more of them survived. The favourable conditions also means they lived longer and were able to eat more, so they all grew to their optimal sizes.

That’s not a normally a problem, as a long as they stay outside, only now that it's cold again in Canada it means all those spiders have movied into your house to find warmth and to mate (Most likely on top of your toothbrush).

So for all you lonely souls out there, fear not. You'll have plenty of company for the next few months.

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