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After being cooped up inside for 6 whole months of wintry isolation, summer, glorious summer, is finally here! And apart from the longer days, warmer weather, near infinite amount of activities, and the general care-free attitude that come along with it, probably my most favourite thing about summertime is taking off my clothes!

Before you get any funny ideas, I don't mean stripping down to my birthday suit and flashing unsuspecting Montrealers as I streak down St-Catherine Street or anything. Just that summer is all about being comfortable, and nothing says comfort like setting your feet free from bondage.

Photo cred- We Heart It

Living in the Great White North, as we do, means we benefit from a land rich with stunning natural beauty and a variety of environments that just beg for us to spend all our time outdoors. Whether it's festivals in the city, lake-house getaways, camping trips with friends, or just a stroll through Westmount park; the last thing I want to think about is untied shoelaces and sweaty toes.

Don't get me wrong, I have a healthy sneaker obsession, but let's be real here - shoes in the summer are kinda the worst. You get that awkward sock tan, casually dipping your feet in the water to cool off is always a big hassle, and forget going to the beach, because closed feet prisons (as I like to call them) and sand simply do not mix. I refuse to be held hostage by you, you soulless dungeons of rubber!

Photo cred - Birkenstock

Needless to say, I'm a big fan of rocking sandals in the warmer months. After all, it's not natural to deny our dogs the fresh air and sunshine Mother Nature has so graciously provided for them.

So I say free the feet! Release them from their captivity and let them roam with maximum comfort and versatility the way summer intended. Sure, you could wear shoes and be boring...orrrr you can slip into a pair of Birkenstocks and live your life to the fullest.

Check out MyBirkenstockShop online or visit their super convenient location in Westmount to find your sandal sole-mates.

Photo cred- Birkenstock