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Why We Wish That Our Parents Had Saved Their Teenage Clothes

The struggles of being born in the wrong generation.
Why We Wish That Our Parents Had Saved Their Teenage Clothes

We all see pictures of our parents wearing their "hip" clothes from the 70's, 80's, and 90's , but... what we are all secretly wishing for is that they kept these clothes! Today's style is like a flashback from the past! And more often we find ourselves imitating styles our parents use to wear.

For the amount of times that I've heard my parents say "hey! I use to wear that as a kid!" as I'm leaving the house, you'd think that they would have kept some of their clothes. But no, instead I'm here spending $100 on a jean skirt from American Apparel that my mom spent $15 on when she was a kid.

I'm sure that you and your friends have had this discussion multiple times complaining how you want your parents old clothes, I know I have. And THEN, you have that one lucky friend who's parents actually kept something! You secretly envy them forever...

Styles From The 90s

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That retro smell is back in the air as we secretly go into our dads closet and take his Fila t-shit to wear with some boyfriend jeans and Doc Martens. I know now that a good Fila sweater can go for $70, but lets be real, we all know that our parents bought one for $20! Even if your dad's T-shirt is worn out... we still wear it.

One of my friends even told me that when she came home form school she had to run in the bathroom to hide the fact that she was wearing her dad's shirt... Apparently he gets really mad! Our parents think that we steal clothes from our fiends and siblings but, the truth is that we secretly raid their closest for that Fila retro shirt

I still remember the first time I wore my docs to work, my manager was like "OMG! I use to have those!" She then asked me how much I spent... $160... and she almost had a heart attack! I told her not to tell me how much she spent because I think I'd cry!

So pick up your Nautica jacket, your Docs, and that Fila shirt to take on the retro world of the 90's! Eventhough our parents rip on us half the time for what we wear, I also find them complementing me on how cool I look and I love when they say "I use to wear that as a kids"! Some how it just makes us feel good about ourselves.

Styles From The 80s

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The 80's acid wash jeans are upon us! A great style that has been revived in Montreal! These funky acid wash jeans are usually accompanied by a rainbow striped shirt that we even use to wear in elementary! The 80's were a great time for the jean trend as everyone had acid jeans and a washed out jean jacket... I mean like look around? Who doesn't wear a jean jacket today?

And I'm positive that all you ladies out there have heard your dad say at least once in your life "YOU'RE GOING OUT LIKE THAT?" when your walking out of the house in a mini skirt! Well you can tell your dad to blame the 80's for freeing mini skirts forever!

It's always a bit awkward when you're at your friends house and their dad starts blasting them saying how inappropriate they look in that mini skirt when you are wearing the exact same thing! We've all been in that situation but hey... you still look hot and you are rocking the jean skirt in 2000's and in the 80's!

So grab your washed out jean jacket, pair it with a cute mini jean skirt and crop top, and slap on your Adidas with no laces to take on the neon world of the 80's.

Styles From The 70s

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The 70's/60's flower child is back in action! We all want that sick jumpsuit with those bell bottoms. My friends and I are always saying how this peace and love movement is back and making a great influence on our style today. We all check out American Appealer and Urban Outfitters but these outfits can cost up to $100!

As we see old vintage pictures of our family members, we can see that they clearly had similar outfits but didn't think to keep them. My friends and I are always surfing the internet trying to find these trends at cheaper prices! We almost always end up getting frustrated that our parents didn't think to keep them! I mean these outfits scream Coachella and Osheaga.

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