Why I'm Already Sick And Tired Of The Snow

And so are you.
Why I'm Already Sick And Tired Of The Snow

Okay fine, so it's only the first real snow fall of the season. And there isn't even that much snow on the ground, barely an inch. But I for one am sick and tired of the snow, and so are you.

Snow used to be this amazing magical thing that happened every year when you were a kid. It was synonymous with awesomeness. Imagine having a playground fall from the sky for you to play in.  You could build snowmen (or snow people for the politically correct), igloos and forts. You had unlimited ammunition for the inevitable wars that would break out, and for some reason you used to have a much higher tolerance for the cold weather.

But now I'm an adult And I honestly feel betrayed by the snow. How could something that brought me so much joy as a child, be so annoying to deal with today? These days, other than during the occasional ski trip up north, snow is just a burden. Apart from this scary list of things we are forced to do every year, snow means:

Dangerous roads and nervous drivers.

Slipping on the sidewalk.


Scraping car windows.

Ruining the bottom of your pants.

Forcing you to move you car from one side of the street to the other for a snow plow that never shows up.

Losing your parking spot to a pile of snow.

Looking stupid in a big puffy jacket.

Having to leave your amazing shoes at home and shuffling around in big ugly boots.

Constantly having a runny nose.

Hat hair.

The fog in your glasses when you come back indoors.

Texting seems so much harder.

You feel like a hibernating bear who never leaves the house.

Never knowing if your windshield wipers are going to clean your window or make it frost over.

Dodging those crazy cyclists who insist on riding their bikes.

The way your hand smells after it's been in a glove too long.

So it may only be the first real snowfall of the season, but I don't care. I'm already sick and tired of the snow ... and so are you.

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