Why It's Ok To Dress Slutty For Halloween

You can do whatever the fvck you want.

So many people make fun of girls who dress slutty for Halloween... Whyyyy?! They're allowed to wear whatever the hell they want, especially on Halloween. Slut shaming is not ok, it's borderline bullying. Whatever happened to the "live and let live" mentality? Let's all take a chill pill and let girls dress however they want, okay? If you're still judging and hating on girls who dress slutty for Halloween, here are 10 reasons that will make you warm up to them.

1. They can do anything they want

We live in a free country. Girls can dress however the fuck they want when they want to. If they feel like dressing slutty every day of the year, they can totally do that.

2. It feels good to be a "bad girl"

Work, school and other life commitments - girls get sucked into a boring routine all year round. Exploring their alter ego and diving into a completely different character for a night is fun and exciting.

3. They get it out of their system

It's healthy to let go and live a little every once in a while. Otherwise, all this slutty sexual tension accumulates and overpowers our existence.

4. It's harmless

Is it really that bad when girls dress slutty for Halloween? Think about it. It's totally harmless. There are so many more mind boggling issues in Montreal other than being bothered with certain girls' fashion statements.

5. They look hot, admit it

Come on, slutty costumes are hot and we all know it.

6. They're rebelling

Going against society standards of what's appropriate is a light form of rebellion. It's pretty cool to think outside of the box and go against standard norms.

7. It's a confidence boost

When girls choose to wear revealing Halloween costumes, they instantly attract extra attention that they don't get on regular days. Attention equals confidence.

8. It motivates girls to exercise

When girls decide to wear slutty Halloween costumes, they exercise and eat healthy beforehand in order to look hot wearing them. In other words, slutty Halloween costumes promote healthy lifestyle choices. Boom!

9. Who the fuck cares what girls choose to wear

Seriously, who cares? Will someone else's fashion choices make a difference in your life? No. Things like slutty Halloween costumes shouldn't be on your list of life concerns.

10. Slutty costumes make the best stories

No great Halloween story starts with, "Remember that awesome night when I dressed up as a potato?"

Find out what your slutty costume should be this Halloween!

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