Why Kanye West Should Be Osheaga 2015's Headliner

He's a man who would do Montreal proud.
Why Kanye West Should Be Osheaga 2015's Headliner

Photo cred - Jazmin Million

Osheaga is always one of Montreal’s most anticipated events of the year, and yesterday’s announcement of a few of the festival’s performers got me even more excited than I already was for this year’s rendition. 

As pumped as I was to jam out to a diverse mix of artists ranging from the Avett Brothers to Run the Jewels, I, like many Montrealers, couldn’t wait to hear who the headliners would be. I started thinking about who’d be my ideal choice to have top billing at the festival, and, before not too long, I realized the performer I’d most want, and who’d best represent the city: Kanye West. Through his style, attitude, and overall swagger, Kanye is the performer who best embodies the city’s ideals.

I’ll start with style. Montrealers are well known for their fashion sense, and Kanye’s trend-setting would make him an ideal citizen of our city. His recently unveiled Yeezy Boost sneakers prove his continued ability to be ahead of the curve, and he’d be welcome in our fashionable culture. His unique flair played well in the rural setting of Bonnaroo, but Montreal’s urban chic would certainly be a better fit.

Not only that, but Kanye has the sort of pride that a Montrealer would be proud to call his own. He’s not afraid to boast about what he knows he does best, even as the media laughs at him for it. Like Kanye, we’re confident about the things that make our city great, and we’re not reluctant to brag to the world about it.

There’s no doubt that Kanye would have fun in our city, and that we’d welcome him with open arms. He lives his life in a way that Montrealers can get behind, and he’d understand what we’re about. Let’s make him an Osheaga headliner.

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