Why Marc-André Fleury Is Quite Possibly The Greatest NHL Goalie From Quebec

Don't read this if you love Patrick Roy.
Why Marc-André Fleury Is Quite Possibly The Greatest NHL Goalie From Quebec

Now before all the super fans lose their minds, let me be clear. I'm not saying that Marc-André Fleury is the greatest Quebec goalie ever that would be blasphemy.

I'm very aware of Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, Ken Dryden and of course Jacques Plante. But I'm talking about the NHL right now.

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This morning I came across this video which was trending on Facebook:

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That video got me thinking about how entertaining Fleury is.

Sure there's Luongo, but the thing about Luongo is that when you watch him playing, he actually pretty boring.

Yes, he's a ninja when it comes to stopping the puck, but the problem with ninjas is that you can't see them. So again, although he plays with surgical precision, it's not that entertaining to watch.

Fleury on the other hand is genuinely fun to watch. Every time a highlight reel catches my attention, it's usually features Fleury. He doesn't just stop the goal, he does it with style, using whatever part of his body he needs in the process.

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Most of the time his moves are so complicated and confusing, you have to watch the replay 5 or 6 times just to figure out what the hell happened. One second he's on the right of the goal and a millisecond later, he magically appears on the left, rolls around on the floor and miraculously stops the puck with the back of his heel.

And sometimes he just bats the puck right out of the air.

If asked, I'm sure 9 out of 10 hockey fans would prefer watching a Fleury highlight reel rather than one about Luongo.

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Unfortunately, entertainment value is not a goalie stat.

Just take a look at the following video and I'm sure you'll at least consider the fact that Marc-André Fleury is the greatest NHL goalie from Quebec:


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