Why McGill And Concordia University Students Are Actually Pretty Much Exactly The Same

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Everyone knows of the rivalry between McGill and Concordia. Why or how it started is a mystery. Maybe it’s just because they are the top two Anglo schools, but who knows. Whatever the reason, the tension is real, and they try everything in their power to differentiate each other. But we’re here to tell you, as hard as you may try to push the gap between these two fine universities; it’s to no avail. We’re all really the same deep down.

1. They’re Super Involved

McGill is famous for having a crap ton of clubs and associations on campus. It’s hard to keep track when it comes around to activities night. But Concordia’s student involvement is so underrated. Concordia has clubs that range from the Dodgeball League to advocacy for Women In Business.

2. They’re Health Nuts

Really. Both of these schools have killer gym facilities, but on top of that they are advocates for green living and sustainability. Concordia has loads of options to be involved in. And McGill has the amazing Sustainability Projects Fund.

3. They Party Hard

Harder than any other schools that are out there, that’s fo’ sho. You see those long ass line ups on Saint Laurent every Friday? Yeah, those are McGill and Concordia students alike awaiting a good time. Homework or not, they’re dedicated to the party.

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4. They’re Smart As All Hell

You’ve gotta be smart to go to McGill. It’s a stereotype but it’s also true. But hey, you can’t forget those Concordians either. The annual GPA average for the ‘13-’14 year, regarding the Arts and Science Association was a flippin’ 3.75. Bet you didn’t know those bumblebees were so smart.

5. They Love Frosh

If the last week of August isn’t enough to prove this to you, we have lots of photographic evidence.

6. They Prefer To Speak English

Funnily enough, even though the majority of McGill’s students come from inside the province, only 19% of students say French is their mother tongue. And Concordia has similar numbers depending on the association, though their francophone population is growing. You can totally pick this up when it comes to talking to students, even if a lot of them are bilingual, the mother tongue is unmistakably English.

7. They Speak Out

A positive aspect about both of these schools is that the students have no time for crap. If something doesn’t feel right, they’ll stand up and say something about it. For instance, McGill is uber involved in Unicef relations while Concordia has an amazing centre for gender advocacy.

8. They Like Sports

This rivalry is definitely supported by sports fans. The Stingers and The Red – Men

Might as well let their mascots brawl it out. Football is especially guilty of getting everyone riled up.

9. Live In The Same Places

Seriously, it’s so hard to get away. Res wise, the downtown campuses are pretty darn close together, though McGill is located more so on the mountain. Also the McGill Ghetto and the Plateau (abode to Concordians) are literally right beside each other. For how much we say we hate one another, we do seem to stay nice and cozy.

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10. They’ll Take Any Chance They Get To Make Fun Of Each Other

If you don’t buy in to the whole McGill/Concordia rivalry bullshit, then that’s good. However, don’t lie and say that you don’t take the opportunity to play in to the stereotypes when you have the chance. We know you’ve called a McGill kid up tight and Concordian a dirty hippy. It’s okay, as long as it’s all in good fun!

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