Why Montreal Is The Absolute Best Place To Be A Single Lady In Canada

Calling all my single ladies

Now that Fall is officially here, we girls are busy running around purchasing pumpkin spiced lattes and blanket scarves. The change in temperature also means late night cuddle sessions with our one and only, but not everyone is in a committed relationship. Most of us are single, and that doesn't have to suck! On the contrary, being a single lady has its perks and being a single lady in Montreal... Well, let's just say we're pretty lucky.

Here's why Montreal is the absolute best place to be a single lady in Canada:

There's fine dining EVERYWHERE.

Montreal is home to some of the best cuisine in all of Canada. If you're single, take advantage of this major perk and try out some delicious new restaurants with a couple of girlfriends. Take the time to treat yourself and remember that a nice glass of wine and some much needed girl time goes a long way!

We have an epic nightlife.


There are so many vibrant bars and clubs in the downtown Montreal area that it's often hard to choose where to go out. Luckily that's just the worst of our problems. Montreal is a city that truly never sleeps, which means that you can go out any day of the week and still have tons of options. Our insane nightlife is also a great way to meet other singles.

Oh and don't worry about feeling tired the next morning, just add a couple of drops of Clarins' new Booster Detox to your skin moisturizer and you'll feel good as new. The formula is enriched with green coffee extract which will detoxify your skin so it can breathe and it will also leave it feeling plump. This way, you'll be ready for brunch the next day with all your girlfriends!

Plenty of ways to take good care of yourself


If you are looking for a way to treat yourself in a more healthy way, Montreal offers many great places that will allow you to escape reality for a while, and just focus on yourself and your well-being. There are a variety of amazing spas and gyms throughout the city where you can workout or simply relax for a few hours, put your stresses aside, maybe even get a massage to relieve those muscles and leave feeling completely invigorated!

Festivals, festivals, festivals!

Montreal is known as the city of festivals and those festivals attract a big crowd! Being single doesn't mean that you can't enjoy life. On the contrary, being single means you have the power to do whatever you please. So why not go out and enjoy what Montreal has to offer? There are plenty of festivals to choose from, like Ile Soniq and Osheaga in the summer, and the Burlesque Festival in October. And if the festivals drain all your energy, don't stress because Clarins can save the day. Their new Booster Energy is full of ginseng extract that will tone and re-energize your skin leaving it feeling radiant! This is a must-have product if you want to make it to another festival!

Plenty of outdoor activities.

Who doesn't love a good hike during fall? It's the perfect workout if you're not crazy about hitting the gym, and the view is always great. Montreal has several hiking trails to explore and one of the most popular spots is Mont Royal! That big old mountain that you can see out your bedroom window (if you live downtown) has great trails that are sure to kick you and your bff's butts. You can even go snowshoeing or cycling if you're up for the challenge. Just remember to take care of your skin after a day spent in the cool, fall weather. Clarins' Booster Repair is made up of mimosa tenuiflora extract which is sure to help your skin recover after exposure to extreme cold so you can go back to worrying about the more important things in life, like which trail you're going to hit up next!

Montreal men dress to impress.

Let's be serious. Montreal men know how to dress. This is absolutely crucial when you're single and looking. It's always a relief when you know that a potential crush has never heard of socks and sandals before.

Shopping galore.

If you're a girl, single or not, chances are you love to shop. Montreal has some of the best shopping in Canada. There are plenty of little boutiques to choose from that will cure any shopaholics' needs. Shoes over boys always.