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Why Montreal Is The Best City To Fall In Love In

Amour un jour, amour toujours.
Why Montreal Is The Best City To Fall In Love In

With Valentine's day right around the corner, I thought that writing a little something romantic about our wonderful city would hit the spot just right. If I had to choose a city, any city in the world to fall in love in, it would undoubtedly be Montreal. I'm serious, it's the best! Let's take a moment and appreciate how lucky we are to be living in the city that's perfectly tailored to fall in love in.

It's romantic

Montreal has actually been voted as #1 most romantic city in North America. Beautiful scenery, breathtaking architecture, rich colourful nature... How can you not fall in love with that special someone if the city feels like an enchanted fairy tale?

Old Port!

This area alone is worth a mention. Old Montreal is a truly romantic part of town... I actually believe that it has healing powers. If you're feeling blue, a simple walk through the old streets of Montreal is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Variety of restaurants

Montreal has one of the largest restaurant concentration per capita in North America. As a result, couples have so many delicious and original options to choose from. You can easily date for a whole year and never eat at the same restaurant twice.

Great spots to propose at

Want to make a memorable proposal? Montreal has got your back. Here's a list of beautiful spots to propose at in and around our city.

Free activities

You don't even have to be rich to enjoy our city. Keep an eye on MTL blog's monthly "Free Things To Do" lists, they're extremely helpful. You and your date have some homework to do!

Winter dates

If you think there's nothing to do in Montreal in winter, think again. Winters are so romantic! Here are some cool winter date ideas.


You don't even need to fly to another country to feel like you're on vacation. It's true. There are plenty of Montreal activities that will make you forget that you're in Canada. Don't believe me? See this list and get inspired.


Montreal is home to so many cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities. You can't help but fall in love, it's stronger than you. So quit fighting it and just embrace it. Let love take over.


If you and your significant other love to party, we've got plenty of this. Raves, outdoor parties, clubs, bars, festivals... you name it! Montreal is the epitome of all things fun. One thing you don't have to worry about is getting bored in your love life adventures.


Hey, if you don't have a love interest in your life, you know what else you can fall in love with? Poutine! This kind of love lasts forever and leaves you satisfied. Every. Single. Time.

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