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Why Montreal Is The Worst City For Dogs

Life is ruff for these pups.

Photo cred - Alex Penfold

“Man’s best friend” is a term that seems to ring hollow in the city of Montreal. In the whole province of Quebec actually. It’s a real problem for our furry friends. There seems to be a lack of proper action when it comes to caring for the provinces puppies.

Here’s the deal.

I’ve been an animal lover for my entire life. I’ve owned multiple dogs and cats, the whole sha-bang. So when I moved here and found myself lonely and petless, as demanded by my lease, I wanted to see what I could do to help and interact with animals in Montreal. Well let me tell you, I was completely and utterly horrified at the information I came across.

Photo cred - Karanvir Bhanot 

Quebec has been so fondly named the puppy mill capital of Canada. What an endearing nick name. But it’s warranted. Over the past couple of years there have been multiple cases of puppy and kitty mills found out. In 2008 alone there were three separate cases of puppy mill raids. And not even a year ago there was a just one mill that was found to house over 200 puppies. And the conditions of these places are horrendous.

There was a so-called “change in regulation” in 2012,which was meant to protect our animals and enforce a shift in the way the province treats animals. But really all that it did was make it so that these animals no longer had the same rights as a toaster. No lie, until three years ago pets were scene as objects rather than sentient beings. And it’s clear from some of the awful things people do to their animals, it’s not a singular opinion.

And then there is the SPCA.

If you weren’t aware of the scandals that have gone down in regards to where their money goes, questionable adoption means, and the process of euthanasia, there is a lot of reading to catch up on. But honestly, I don’t want to deter people from adopting from the Montreal SPCA. Yeah they got some problems, but those animals need homes regardless. Besides, the government doesn’t give them nearly enough money to do a proper job anyways. They’re trying.

From this whole piece I think what I really want to do is make people aware. I know that I can’t be the only one who was blissfully walking through Montreal not knowing the strife of the puppy population. And honestly there are a lot of recue organizations that are doing some excellent work. I mean Sophie’s Dog Adoption is dedicated to finding homes for senior dogs and Rosie’s Animal Adoption has an amazing foster care system that helps integrate adoptable dogs in to their forever homes. And we cannot forget Moustache Adoptions De Chats who look out for our kitty pals. All in all there is good being done, but is eclipsed by all this crap. And it’s heart breaking.

Something needs to change, that much is evident.

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