Why Montreal Men Are The Best

Chivalry is not dead. It's in Montreal.
Why Montreal Men Are The Best

Photo cred - maisongodefroi.com by MonsiieurMarc André Bolduc of Shawn K Bennet

As a 25-year-old single female- it's safe to say that I'm very observant to the guys on the 'market.' Over the last year, I spent tremendous time travelling across Europe, throughout the Eastern US, Vegas, and all over Ontario. My last several outings were in Toronto, New York, and New Jersey until this weekend when I decided to hit the town in Montreal again. AND boy, was I glad I did. In a small period of 4 hours I was reminded of something -- which is; Montreal is home to the best men in the world. Here's why and what I noticed:

1. Montreal men dress to the nines. They can make a casual look, look extra sexy. In comparison to Toronto, where every other guy is wearing a Jay's hat. Yes, Jay hats are nice but do you see Montreal wearing their Habs toques on a Saturday night to the bar. Na-ahh.

2. They aren't afraid to approach you. I don't know if it's something in the water but you guys definitely have more balls than the rest of the country.

3. You guys are able to approach women in two languages. I definitely have a thing for french boys.

4. The only time, I have experienced this is in Montreal. Montreal men show their natural protectiveness. If I am walking up stairs (in heels), you guys always extend a hand. If a guy is coming off too strong or is making me feel uncomfortable and you are in proximity; you immediate save the day (which usually ends in an opening line for you but THANK YOU.)

5. You guys are sincere. I salute your game skills. The number one thing about picking up is making sure you ask the girl a lot of questions about her, it makes her feel like you really care or seem very interested. However, you guys are actually sincere and listen. Weird.

6. Montreal men are by far the most romantic. Best dates hands down.

7. Last but most importantly, chivalry is not dead. It's in Montreal. As a born Ontarian; I want to say thank you to all the boys out there in Montreal, who ALWAYS hold the door open for me. They always hold the car door for me and they always compliment me.

You are my favourite. All. Of. You.