Why Only Basic B!tches Love Snow

They literally can't right now.
Why Only Basic B!tches Love Snow

If you love snow, there are very good chances of you being a basic bitch. Not sure what the term "basic bitch" means? You may want to read this post in order to get familiar with the meaning of this popular lingo. There's nothing wrong with being a basic bitch, fyi.

So, you're excited with the first real snow fall that Montreal has been hit with today?! Awesome, a lot of people are! I still haven't switched to winter tires, so I'm really not ready for winter... yet. Here's why every basic bitch is really excited with the snow nonetheless.

1. You can wear your favourite pair of UGG boots paired with Lulu Lemon pants

And no one will judge you for it.

2. You can get Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks

Starbucks is seriously the best.

3. You can take amazing photos for your Instagram

Snow looks so pretty on pictures.

Photo cred - Wikipedia

4. You can make a snowman and do snow angels

Feel like a kid again!

5. You can cuddle

Cuddles feel so much more amazing when it's snowing outside.

6. You can binge watch Home Alone while drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows

Best. Night. Ever.

7. You can get in the Christmas mood

"It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!"

8. You can wear warm fluffy socks around the house

They're so comfy.

Photo cred - Skinnymini

9. You can buy a ton of junk food and eat it all in one shot with absolutely zero regrets

It's not like you're going to wear a bikini anytime soon, so...

10. You can get excited for all the gifts you're going to get

Yay, gifts!!!