Why Parking In Montreal Is Fvcked

The struggle is real.
Why Parking In Montreal Is Fvcked

Parking in Montreal is literally like fighting for your life in the Hunger Games. You need to be smart, cunning, cutting-edge and brave. You are up against all of the other crazy, impatient drivers who are trying to find a spot to park. Montreal is known for it's polite, genuine and amazing people, right? No, not when they're looking for parking. They are monsters. Honking, screaming, swearing, pointing fingers is just a glimpse of Montrealer's in times of crisis (AKA parking).

You don't only have to stress about the people around you, but you're also dealing with the never-ending construction that blocks every second street in the city. Construction in Montreal is everywhere, and literally ruins everyone's life. Does it really take five months to fix a pot hole? Does it actually take one year to fix the sidewalks? Get your shit together. The more construction there is in the city, the less parking spaces are available, but clearly nobody cares about the well-being or psychological and mental state of Montreal drivers.

Let's not forget that Bixi stations in the summer literally take up half of the streets parking spaces. Nothing against Bixi's, but can't Bixi stations be placed somewhere else other than in valuable parking spots on prime streets in the city? Apparently not. It gets worse - chances are you won't find parking without wasting half a tank of gas driving in circles around the block, aimlessly looking for a place to park your car. Gas is not cheap, and no body feels like wasting half their tank looking for parking, I promise.

Photo cred - nikkinunez993

It gets even more complicated and exhausting when you finally think you've found a spot, and realize that it is reserved or restricted. The worst part is that most 'reserved' spots are empty, so I really don't know who they're reserved for? And why are certain areas 'restricted'? Nothing looks dangerous or troubling about the spot? So can someone please explain why I can not park there? I literally will never understand, never. It's almost like they want us to become wild-banshees. Or maybe it's just an easy way to give out parking tickets, and call it a day (scam). If that's not enough, once you FINALLY find a spot, you need to pay every two hours, making sure you have enough change hanging around or a credit card that is not maxed out from the night before (#oops). Clearly, everything about parking in Montreal is a mess. The city needs to figure out a solution to this madness, fast.

Ultimately, parking in Montreal shouldn't be as crazy, stressful, and exhausting as it is. Montreal is such a beautiful, fun and exciting city, but finding parking is legit the biggest buzz kill.  Nobody wants to fight, scream and possibly cry because they can't find parking. Save those emotions for someone or something worth it. So I plead, please make it end!