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Why People Are Eating Mangoes Before Smoking Marijuana

And if it actually does anything.
Why People Are Eating Mangoes Before Smoking Marijuana

Photo cred - lilytatiana

It may be time to skin some mangoes marijuana lovers, not for the fruity flavour and Vitamin C, but for the apparent ability of the fruit to heighten the effects of THC. Yellow mangoes and green bud apparently combine when consumed in succession, as described by, but before you buy a bundle mangoes, you may want to get the facts.

According to partakers of the new trend, eating a mango within an hour of smoking marijuana will speed up a body's THC-absorption rate while also strengthening the psychoactive effects of THC and the overall duration. Claims have been made stating THC will reach the brain twice as fast with effects lasting twice as long after eating a mango.

Mangoes and weed are said to go hand in hand thanks to myrcene terpenes, a chemical compound found in both that is responsible for each substance's strong fragrance, and is also said to influence the effects of THC. Ingesting the myrcene terpenes within a mango creates a "foundation" within one's body, and when coupled with the myrcene in cannabis, leads to more powerful smoking experience.

Sounds a little too good to be true, and that's probably because it is. We spoke to Adam Greenblatt, Executive Director of Santé Cannabis, Montreal's first and only medical marijuana clinic. Greenblatt pointed out that any "study" such as this should be taken with a grain of salt, then went on to confirm the mango-marijuana combo "is just not true."

Other researchers support Greenblatt's opinion. Michael Backes, author of Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana points out to Dangerous Minds that, while myrcene can positvely influence the effects of THC, a human can't really absorb the compound simply by eating a mango. Myrcene, is a type of terpene, which is kind of like a natural pesticide, and humans evolved in a way to filter out such compounds, meaning next to no myrcene will actually enter your bloodstream post-mango.

So it seems like the mango theory is mostly just rumour and hearsay. Still, you could try yourself, and hey, maybe the placebo effect will be enough to make a marked difference in your smoking experience.

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