Why 20-Year Olds Are Getting Kicked Out Of Their Apartments In Montreal's The Plateau

Photo cred - freddomtl

Just like everywhere else in the world, young people are getting screwed over in the Montreal borough of Plateau-Mont Royal. Despite the fact that they are students, or have significantly lower paying jobs than most, individuals 24-years and younger are at the highest risk of getting thrown out of their apartments in the Plateau to make way for higher-paying tenants, reports Journal Metro.

With information gleaned from le Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU) and le Comité logement du Plateau-Mont-Royal's new "Housing, a right" movement, twenty-somethings in the Plateau are most likely to be evicted than any other demographic.

43% of Plateau residents in their twenties are quoted to spend a full 80% of their money solely on rent. With ongoing rent increases (up 13.4% for certain units) and the gentrification of the area, with priority given to young families, things aren't going to get easier.

What's most troubling is the practice landlords are employing to make more money off of their lodgings. Basically, landlords are taking undivided units with multiple bedrooms, kicking out tenants, then making them separate divided lodgings with higher rents, all with the blessing of the Régie du logement.

Members of the Plateau-Mont-Royal Housing Committee are aware of these issues, and are trying to work out how to solve the problems young people face in the borough. More formal laws on how landlords can transform undivided units into divided spaces has been suggested.

The Plateau has always had a hip atmosphere that's attracted us youthful folk, from students to young professionals, into the area. But if rent keeps increasing the borough, and twenty-somethings are treated like junk, all the people who make the PLateau cool will disappear. Let's hope this doesn't mean we all gotta move to Verdun, God forbid.