Why Rescuing A Pet In Montreal Is So Much Better Than Buying One

Having a pet is an amazing thing. They offer unconditional love and are basically live in best friends. They're great for you health, can teach you responsibility and are overall are great addition to anyone's home.

Montreal pet shelters are filled with cats and dogs who are looking for a good home and someone to love them. These animals have had a rough start in life and need someone to show them what a healthy, loving home is like. Sure, pet stores can be alluring with their purebreds and all the kittens and puppies running around. It can be easy to get sucked in by the cute factor.

Want to know what's even cuter than seeing a bunch of puppies and kittens running around? Seeing the loving look in a dogs eyes after they realize that they have found their new home and new family. Seeing a cat become comfortable enough in their new home without having to be afraid and hide all day. Seeing an animal who would have otherwise been forgotten about find a family. All of those things are way cuter than seeing a couple of puppies run around a cage, and so much more rewarding.

Breeding dogs in puppy mills have no real quality of life, and are often confined to small wire cages for most of their lives with little or no socialization, exercise or veterinary care. They have multiple health issues and are forced to live in horrific conditions. By purchasing puppies from pet shops rather than adopting them, you are contributing to the continuation of puppy mills. Thankfully, some pet stores, like Nature, have stopped selling puppies and now participate in Adoption Days with different animal shelters.

Luckily for Montrealers, we have tons of options when it comes to adopting animals. There's all the SPCA locations where you can visit and see if there are any animals there right for you. There's also a ton of animal rescue shelters, many are completely volunteer run, that you can check out and support. You can check out a list of all the ones located in and round Montreal here.

If becoming a pet owner is something you're interested, check out some of these animal shelters rather than a pet store or breeder. Your money will go towards helping out a foundation who's only interest is helping and saving animals and you'll receive a pet who will be eternally grateful and in return will love you unconditionally. If you're a dog person you can check out these pups that are currently looking for new homes.

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