Why Smoking Weed Is Good For Your Relationship

Science proves something everyone has already known forever.
Why Smoking Weed Is Good For Your Relationship

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A recently published scientific study has all but proven what we already know: smoking weed makes you less violent, specifically in the context of long-term relationships.

The University of Buffalo School of Public Health found, in their study published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviours, that married couples who smoked weed together were far less likely to become violent towards each other.

634 couples were examined during their first 9 years of marriage. Married couples who smoked with each had lower rates of domestic abuse (physical and verbal), and the same was found if only one partner got a 'lil high.

Researchers note, however, that the cannabis' physical effect on the brain is probably not the only factor, as couples who smoke together probably have a similar set of values and hang out with the same types of people. This intimate sharing of beliefs is likely a key element to the study's findings.

Interestingly enough, the University of Buffalosaid last year that heavy drinking is also good for marriages, if the couples are getting shwastey together. So does that mean getting crunk'd with your spouse will make for a rock-solid marriage bond? If the science says so, we're all for it.

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