Why The City Of Montreal Is On Its Way To Being F*cked

Mayor Denis Coderre is worried.
Why The City Of Montreal Is On Its Way To Being F*cked

This morning Montreal is quiet, TOO quiet!

The cranes aren't working, the diggers aren't digging and the 7 guys standing around smoking cigarettes while one guy works are... well yeah they still aren't working. 

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That because 175,000 of Quebec's construction workers are officially on strike as of this morning, and it's going to cost Quebec and Montreal a whole lot of money. 

Province wide, this could cost up to $45,000,000 a day! 

The workers are complaining about their work schedules and overtime. They say they want a better balance between their work life and their family obligations. 

The Mayor of Montreal is definitely worried. According to The Montreal Gazette, he said that “The city of Montreal wishes to have a very, very fast ending to this, there are too many economic consequences and we hope the government isn’t too patient before acting. I believe it’s in everyone’s best interest that it’s settled very quickly.”

Considering how many construction sites there are in Montreal that aren't even close to being done, and the fact that tourist season will soon be underway, we can only hope that this strike doesn't last too long other wise it will cost the city a fortune!


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