Why The Next Sex And The City Movie Should Be Set In Montreal

Let's be honest, Montreal IS the sexiest city
Why The Next Sex And The City Movie Should Be Set In Montreal

Rumours have been buzzing around the social media sphere, speculating with regards to the production of the third Sex and the City installment. The lovely SJP, posted a photo on Instagram, with the caption "Well. I guess the cat's out of the (little brown) bag. As usual, we will keep you posted on every detail as we are able. I'm under a strict gag order until then. Xx, Sj" This initiated a whole boatload of questions. Has the movie started filming? When is it going to be officially announced? Is it actually happening? Many believe the post had nothing to do with the potential third movie, and instead was the announcement for the SJP shoe line coming to Bloomingdales. But we remain hopeful for the movie, since this wouldn't be the first time SJP promoted her shoe line with the SatC franchise.


Whatever the truth is, I honestly hope that the next movie is in the works. And I also think that it should be set in Montreal. Allow me to explain.

As a huge SatC fan, I've been on board with pretty much every trip these ladies have taken. Paris, Abu Dhabi, LA, Atlanta, San Fran, Suffrin, NY. I love it. The girls on vacation are almost as good as the girls on their NYC stomping grounds. However, I do have a problem. I don't understand why there hasn't been a Canadian cameo. EVER.

Like C'mon. How I Met Your Mother did it, Friends did it, so why can't Sex and the City do it? Answer, they can and Montreal is the perfect place to set it. For one thing, Montreal is a bustling, popular city (an obviously important aspect with the SatC franchise). We have a perfect balance between North American and European culture. We have great style, great food, a great night life scene. Need I go on?

Montreal, in my opinion, would be an amazing way to shake up the vacation element of the Sex and the City movies. While we do have our fair share of glamour, we also have a grungier quality to our streets, an atmosphere SatC hasn't really explored. How great would it be to see Carrie posing in front of a graffiti wall? Or Charlotte downing a pint of beer from one of the back-end bars? I want to see Miranda on Sainte Catherine's street, and watch Samantha seduce a Quebecer. Honestly, Montreal would be the city for these ladies to really let loose in.

Feel free to disagree (because I know a lot of people will), but I'm gonna stick to my guns when I say that SJP and the crew need to start making their way up to MTL, ASAP.

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