As you may have heard by now, today is the most depressing day of the year.

And just in case you need a little help getting through what is referred to as "Blue Monday", I do have a bit of good news for you.

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Next Saturday, (January 21st) marks a pretty awesome milestone according to The Montreal Gazette and Environment Canada. It's called "The Dead of Winter", and even though it has a pretty grim sounding name, it's actually a day we've been looking forward to for awhile.

It is the day where we will have officially gone passed the half-way point of winter.

That means there is more winter behind us, than there is left ahead of us.

From that point on, temperatures are supposed to rise steadily. And if that's not enough to cheer you up on Blue Monday, I have some more good news, temperatures will be above 0°C all week, starting Wednesday!

Winter officially ends on March 20th which means we only have 78 days until the start of spring.

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