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Wood Sunglasses Are The Next Big Trend In Montreal

Step up your game this summer.
Wood Sunglasses Are The Next Big Trend In Montreal

Montreal is a seriously stylish city. For better or worse, fashion is simply part of our culture, with many a Montrealer not only adopting the latest swagger, but adapting it to suit our needs and sensibilities. We like to look good, is that such a crime?

While we are obviously already inherently cool by default, nothing beats a slick pair of shades to really elevate your status to level bad-ass. And as we are so fond of doing things a little differently and since we especially appreciate looking good in the sun, it only makes sense that we rock some fresh sunglasses that are far from ordinary, and dare I say, will even give you wood.

Instead of plastic or metal, GoWood wood sunglasses are made out of high-quality, eco-friendly wood. How fresh is that!? With 9 models to choose from, GoWood sunglasses are extremely light weight, float in salt water and boast polarized lenses with UV400 (UVA+UVB) protection, so you can stare at the sun like it ain't no thang. Okay, staring directly at the sun is not recommended, but you get what I'm saying.

Extremely affordable, feel good about framing your face in style with GoWood while blocking out 'dem rays because this local Montreal company prides itself in doing right by the environment. Most of their products, including their new phone cases, are made from either recycled or responsibly-used bamboo, which means planted and harvested specifically for the purpose of production. Not only that, GoWood is supporting tree-planting initiatives across Canada, which is a big thumbs up in our books.

Since you will no doubt be spending plenty of quality time in the great outdoors this summer enjoying the sunshine, be one with nature at the same time with these fly new shades that definitely think outside of the proverbial box.

Check out GoWood on Facebook, Instagram and their official website here.