Why Today Is The Most Awkward Day Of The Year

Them awkward days between Christmas and New Year...
Why Today Is The Most Awkward Day Of The Year

Yes, you read right - today, December 29th 2015, is the most awkward day of the year. You might ask yourself why I would opt for such a strong statement... well, there is logic behind it.

Montreal is a wonderful city, but by the end of December everything just becomes weird. That's when you begin to ask yourself, "What am I doing with my life?" as you stare out the window in confusion. So here's why today is the most awkward day of the year.

1. You're not sure what day it is today

You know it's somewhere between Christmas and New Year, but you're not sure whether it's the weekend or a week day. Oh, right, we're Tuesday.

2. There's a snow storm

When literally just a couple of days ago it was 18C, sunny and you were wearing shorts. How is this even possible?

3. You don't know what to do with yourself

The only possible activity available today is eating... because there is no way you're leaving the house in this weather. Unless, of course, you have to go to work, which really sucks and makes things even more awkward. Your boss has no soul.

4. You're still not sure what you're doing for New Year's

You might have planned something, but everything is still kind of up in the air.

5. You can't believe the year is coming to an end

You think about how fast time is flying and this reflection causes a minor existential crisis.

6. You don't want January to start

Because December feels like a Sunday, consequently, January is like a Monday. You're definitely not looking forward to real life and adult responsibilities next month.

7. You wish you were somewhere on a beach

Hey, you can fly to Cuba and back for only $370... but then again, it's kind of too late to fly on vacation now - awkward.

8. You know you need to work out, but...

There's a snow storm outside, so you don't want to can't go to the gym.

9. You also know yo need to eat right, but...

Eating healthy doesn't feel right when there's a snow storm outside. It just doesn't work this way.

10. You don't want to leave your bed

EVER! You're a human burrito and that's ok.

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