Why Trying To Achieve A Summer Body Is Just Not Worth It

You don’t need a rock hard booty to have a good time.
Why Trying To Achieve A Summer Body Is Just Not Worth It

When the summer months start approaching, there is unfortunately an unhealthy frenzy. People become panicked by the prospect of showing bare arms and buttcheeks on the beach. They come to the realization that their body doesn’t look “billboard ready”. People will do crazy things to achieve this quote on quote, perfect body. Starve themselves. Go to the gym until they collapse. Even draw abs on with make up. But what a lot people don’t want to admit is that this body is unattainable.

While the gym is awesome, it’s not Photoshop. At the end of the day your body is still going to look like your body, AND THAT’S OKAY. No one expects you to look like a centerfold, so why should you? Do you expect everyone else to look like that? No of course not. That kind of thinking is perpetuating a mindset that the only acceptable kind of body, is a “skinny body”.

You can be healthy and have stretch marks. Hell, you can be healthy and have cellulite! Your health isn’t measured by the definition on your stomach, but the quality of life you’re living.

Are you happy? Do you feel physically well? Good, then you’re ready for the beach!

I’m gonna let ya in on a secret: the easiest way to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body. Even if you gained 20 pounds over the winter. Even if your Mom said that the bikini you picked is “unflattering”. Even if your thighs jiggle when you walk. YOUR BODY IS READY FOR A BIKINI.


This is a bikini body.

This is a bikini body.

This is a bikini body.

These are bikini bodies.

See? All these people look fan-fucking-tastic and you can too. The human body is constantly changing. You’re going to look different every swimsuit season. Maybe next year you’ll learn how much you love kale and lose ten pounds. Maybe you’ll stop working out because of an injury and gain forty. Who knows, you could have a baby by next year and everything will be different. Regardless, the best thing you can do is accept your body in the present. If you can’t love yourself when you’re a size 14, how do you expect to love yourself when you’re a size 2?

Self love isn’t easy. But it’s a better option than shaming yourself for something that isn’t even all that important in the long run. So gym or not, bikini or one piece, go to the beach, you look great regardless.

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