Why You Are Getting Expensive Hydro Quebec Bills In Montreal

Things are only going to get worse.
Why You Are Getting Expensive Hydro Quebec Bills In Montreal

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Well it's no secret that our hydro bills have been much bigger this year. I myself had a mini heart-attack when I noticed that the rate I paid between January and March was nearly twice as high as last year's. Sure it's colder outside, but how can that possibly translate to such a massive increase. And if I'm suffering, I can't even imagine how those with bigger properties are feeling.

On top of all the extra money we've been paying, Hydro Quebec wants to implement yet another price increase this year according to Radio Canada. That's right, your bill is going up again.


Starting April 1st, your electricity bill will cost you an another 2,9% and that's the increase approved by the Regie de l'Energie. Hydro Quebec originally demanded a 3,9% increase! That's pretty crazy considering they made 3,38 billion dollars in profits and that this increase is adding onto all the other increases we've had in the last few years. In fact, since 2004 we've seen a cost increase of 28,9%

The energy giant knows exactly what they're doing with this timely increase, they're raising your bills at the same time as it starts getting warmer out, which means your bill will be cheaper and most people won't notice. But once next winter comes rolling along, we're seriously going to start feeling the increase and it will be too late to do anything about it. And they did the same thing last year, that plus the extra cold weather is why your Hydro bill seemed so expensive this year.