Why You Feel More Tired After This Year's Daylight Savings Time Than Ever Before In Montreal

Photo cred - Claydo in Oz

As I'm sat here still yawning and foggy-headed more than half way through the day, now awake for several hours, I can only think to blame that hour of sleep we lost over the weekend due to this so-called "daylight saving time". After getting a brief taste of what it's like to not wake up in complete darkness before getting ready for work, here I am back to feeling disoriented, groggy and straight-up cursing the heavens (and my day job) for essentially robbing me of sleep and natural light. Let's be honest here, it should be called "daylight stealing time".


I don't really remember struggling this much with the time change before, and it would seem I am not alone. From what I can tell, many of us are feeling the effects this year more than usual, creating a city of veritable zombies this week, roaming around on auto-pilot, lucky if we're not bumping into each other on the street, or worse.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact this winter was literally the coldest fucking winter ever (okay on record) so the slight addition of more sunlight in the morning was a godsend. This winter beat us down, and then kicked us, repeatedly, so the last thing we needed was some invisible force stealing our sleep. Or maybe this practice is so antiquated, our modern lifestyles just don't care for it anymore, since we are all sleep-deprived enough as it is.


Either way, daylight saving time is balls. It's like jet lag without the sandy beaches and complementary drinks with the little umbrellas that should go with it. The effects are certainly similar anyway. While daylight saving time originated as a way to conserve candle wax, or more specifically, energy, the only possible advantage it serves today is possibly making highways brighter for the drive home.


To that I say, what about the dangerous drive to work in the dark in the morning, and, I have all the candle wax I need, thank you very much. Now give me back my hour of sleep.