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Why You Should Always Go For The Crazy Girl

If your girl doesn't scare the sh!t out of you, she's not the one.
Why You Should Always Go For The Crazy Girl

You know when a guy says, "My EX is crazy"... Looks like everyone's EX is crazy nowadays, right? I guess guys love crazy girls after all, because they always end up dating them. Surprising? Not really. Fuck comfort zone, you know you want a crazy chick by your side. You love the thrill of the game, the ups and the downs, the excitement of instability, etc. It's the kind of relationship that you love and hate at the same time. Just like girls are attracted to bad boys, guys are attracted to crazy bitches. That's how life goes, my friends. Without further ado, I present to you the reasons why you should be dating a crazy girl.

1. It's exciting

Never a dull moment with a crazy girl. She has a deeply rooted fear of routine that will most definitely show in the way your relationship develops. You can cross the word "boring" out of your vocabulary, because you will never ever be bored again.

2. The sex is amazing

Crazy girls come hand in hand with fun times in the bedroom. They love to experiment, try new things and do shit that normal girls would find "too much". So you can go crazy, share your weirdest fetishes or fantasies with her, she's down.

3. They love with an unmatched amount of passion

There is nothing mediocre about a crazy girl in love. If she loves you, she goes all out. You will become her obsession. Her whole existence will revolve around your love. She's intense and you will really enjoy it.

4. They'll take you on adventures

You won't be "chilling" too much with a crazy girl. She will take you on adventures. You will feel more alive than you've ever felt before. She's spontaneous. Random road trip in the middle of the week? Yep.

5. They're not sneaky

Crazy girls are straight forward. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. If you fuck up, she'll let you know right away. She won't ever beat around the bush, so you won't have to read between the lines and try to guess why she's mad at you. You'll always know what's going on inside your crazy girl's head.

6. They know how to have a good time

Crazy girls LOVE to have a good time! She's always fun and exciting. Chances are she has a lot of friends and is always invited to parties. People are drawn to her because she's just so much fun to be around.

7. They're going to make you feel really important

Crazy girls take relationships really seriously. She will text you ridiculously long messages and go out of her way to show you how much you mean to her. You've never experienced this much intensity before if you've never dated a crazy chick. All this attention will seriously stroke your ego and make you feel super important.

8. They're different

Crazy girls are unique in every aspect of their lives. The way they dress, the way they carry and express themselves, the things they like - everything is different about them. Crazy girls stand out from the crowd.

9. They're not judgmental

Crazy girls never judge anyone. They know what it's like to be judged for being different. It's actually the opposite, they will encourage you to be different with them. They expect you to open up to them just as much as they open up to you.

10. You'll feel like a hero

Every time a crazy girl loses her shit, you'll make her feel right again. You will "save" her every single time like a knight in shining armor. You'll wrap her in your arms and make everything ok. Does the role of her own personal hero sound good to you? I thought so. Enjoy the ride.

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