Why You Should Date A Crazy Cat Lady Right Meow

Because she's purrfect.
Why You Should Date A Crazy Cat Lady Right Meow

I have a friend who really likes cats. She doesn't have 12 cats or anything(just two LOL), but I feel like she would if she had more time. No, she doesn't smell like cat piss... she just REALLY likes cats.

If we're at a house party and the owner has a cat, she'll spend most of the time playing with it and ignore human beings. She's a crazy cat lady inside, but doesn't really know it yet. So here's what makes crazy cat ladies amazing girlfriends.

1. They have so much love to give

A crazy cat lady is very affectionate and will spoil you with attention. Have you ever seen the endearment in her eyes when she sees a cat? She will give you that very same look if you manage to steal her heart.

2. They can take care of you

Crazy cat ladies take care of their felines. Think about it: cats have to eat every day twice or three times a day, their fur needs to be brushed frequently, they need to be taken to the vet on a regular basis... Cat ladies are committed to taking care of those around them and it's a great quality to have.

3. They're responsible

Taking care of an animal is a big commitment that requires being a responsible adult. Yes, cats are fun to play with, but they're also a long-term responsibility.

4. They love to cuddle

Anyone who loves cats can agree on this point.

5. They're playful

They love to play around, be goofy and forget that they're adults sometimes. It's one of the best qualities anyone can have - being a kid at heart.

6. They make great mothers

Having a cat is very similar to having kids. If a girl can take care of a cat, she sure as hell is ready to have a family. Or at least, it's safe to assume, that she's prepared better than those who don't own cats.

7. They're hustlers

Usually, cat ladies have no one but themselves to rely on. Not only do they have bills to pay, they also have other fluffy responsibilities to take care of. As a result, they hustle day and night to be able to live comfortably.

8. They're funny in the most adorable way ever

If you browse through any cat lady's photos, you'll see tons of hilarious shots of her cat wearing ridiculous costumes and doing silly things... Her phone is basically the best meme book you ever laid your eyes on.

9. They're dreamers

Contrary to popular belief, they don't want to stay single forever. Cat ladies fill the void inside by surrounding themselves with fluffy and cuddly cats... but the reality is, they still dream of finding that one special person who will make them feel loved and appreciated.

10. They're independent

Yes, they want to find someone special, but don't necessarily need to have a man in their lives. They're perfectly capable of living on their own, because they're independent... but a girl can dream.

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