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Why You Should Get A Puppy Instead Of Having A Baby

Yes, babies and puppies are completely different. And even though comparing the two is not totally fair, it's still pretty hilarious. If I had an equally cute baby and puppy in front of me, I'd run towards the puppy, it's not even a question. While we're at it, check out why a cat is better than a boyfriend too. If you're a single lonely lady like myself, just get yourself a dog or a cat - you'll be set for life.Here's why getting a puppy is a better idea than having a baby.

1. Puppies are less expensive

According to, the average cost of raising a child to age 18 in Canada is $243,660. Break down that number, and that's $1,070 per month. That's a lot of dough. Get a puppy, save money, live better.

2. Road trips with puppies are easier and more fun

Have you ever been on road trip with a baby? It's the worst. Even a simple car ride is complicated. Taking your puppy for a ride? It's the funnest and most painless thing ever. They just stick their furry heads out the window and off you go.

3. You won't have to worry about puppies growing up into drug addicts

Babies grow up to be nasty adults. Being a parent is a serious commitment. Your baby could even grow up to be a serial killer or something and that's scary. You won't ever have to worry about these issues with a puppy.

4. Everyone will beg you to babysit your pup

Nobody will ever ask you to babysit your kid. You'd actually have to pay people to do that. On the other hand, your friends will love to babysit your puppy.

5. A puppy whining is way more adorable than a crying toddler

A crying toddler might be the most annoying thing in the universe. A whining puppy is adorable. It makes you want to melt and cry.

6. People actually want to see photos of your puppy on social media

No one wants to see your baby's photos unless your baby is really exceptionally cute, which is like 1% of the time. Puppy photos? Yaaas! I follow puppy accounts on Instagram, it's an obsession. There is no such thing as an ugly puppy. I can't say the same about babies, unfortunately.

7. You can easily cuddle a puppy, but can't really cuddle a baby

Cuddling a puppy is fun and cute. Cuddling a baby is awkward and weird. You're always afraid of hurting them. Cuddles just don't quite work with babies.

8. Dogs are really cute as puppies while humans are quite gross as babies

Puppies are freaking adorable. Human babies are just plain useless, I'm sorry, but it's true. We're born into this world not being able to walk or take care of ourselves... Babies just puke, smell bad and do all kinds of gross shit, literally. Puppies are easily trained to be awesome right away.

9. Puppies will love you unconditionally

Babies turn into adolescents that talk back, say bad things and do dumb shit. Puppies turn into loyal dogs that love you unconditionally forever and ever.

10. You don't have to go through pregnancy to get a puppy

Duh! Even if you're a guy, having a pregnant girlfriend is a tough challenge. You can get a puppy without any headache whatsoever.

Rescue a puppy today!

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