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Why You Should Never EVER Touch The Poles On Montreal's STM Metro Or Bus

Whenever it's raining, and I'm unfortunate enough to have to take the bus, I make sure to keep my hands to myself. 

I don't touch the poles, the seats, or even those useless crappy rubber loops. 

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I'm not paranoid, I'm just concerned with dirt, snot, and whatever else people have on their hands. After all, buses and metros are so dirty in general that some people even invented special germ-proof gloves for people who commute.

But now, I have a new concern...

Butt cracks. 

Yes it seems your hand isn't the best tool to grasp a bus pole, especially with the way some bus drivers drive.

It turns out you get a much better grip when you use your ass!

So... will YOU be holding onto a pole the next time you're on a bus? 

I didn't think so. 

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