Why You Should Quit Social Media Right Now

Holy fvck, you have to read this!
Why You Should Quit Social Media Right Now

“Social media is not real life” says the profile caption of a very popular Instagram personality @essenaoneil. This Australian teenager quits the beloved social media platform claiming that it serves no real purpose other than self-promotion. She describes it as “contrived perfection made to get attention”. Essena O’Neill is calling for others to quit this vicious circle of fake admirers and terrible promotion of an unrealistic lifestyle.

Essena O’Neill admits to making over $2,000 per sponsored post thanks to her ridiculous amount of followers that’s currently at 741K. Funny enough, ever since the teenager announced her departure from Instagram, her number of followers didn’t stop growing.

On October 27, Essena deleted over 2,000 photos that she judged useless and narcissistic. She has also dramatically edited the captions of the remaining 96 posts in order to show the real side of Instagram fame.

Photo cred - cbc

Essena admits that her addiction to social media likes left her feeling empty. That’s why she decided to start a website to fight against “the cult of social media”. "I don't want to support social sharing sites that make billions off advertisements I don't agree with," Essena said. "I've also spent hours watching perfect girls online, wishing I was them. When I became 'one of them', I still wasn't happy, content or at peace with myself."

Australian teenager is now focusing on her website, where she exposes her real and more responsible lifestyle, veganism and inspirational videos. She wants to share things she really cares about and truth that actually matters without having to worry about how many likes each post gets.