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Why You Should Start Tanning Now For The Summer

Tips to get you ready for the best season of the year.

The snow is melting and the sun has finally re-surfaced, the first thought on every Montreal girl's mind: how soon is too soon? We've been trapped inside all winter long just awaiting the day we can finally strip off our goose's and north face's to reveal our ghostly white skin. Waiting patiently is not our strong suit and we can definitely wait no more; the moment is almost here so close we can taste it. In Montreal the tanning always starts early, here are a few tips so you don't freeze your tush off while soaking up some early vitamin D.

1. Keep Your Coat On

We may be absolutely itching to put away the Goose until next year however it might not be the smartest idea just yet. For the sake of not catching a cold, their is absolutely no harm in just working on your face for the moment. Let those freckles out and turn those ghostly pale cheeks a lovely shade of pink, we have been waiting for this moment all winter long. It's time.

2. Use A Hot Tub

Tanning in Montreal takes dedication, if you want to get ahead of the game you need to be serious. If you haven't even had the luxury of taking a vacation all season long you're going to want to get an early start. A hot tub is like laying out in a pool but you are probably not going to get hypothermia. The sun reflects in the water thus making you tan faster and better, time to invest in a hot tub!

3. Use A Blanket

Once it starts to get a bit warmer +10 is a good time to get out the two piece, but when the wind blows it tends to get a tad nippy so have a towel or blanket nearby to cover you in your time of need. But suck it up, you're a Montrealer we have been through way worse, a little wind won't stop us now.

4. Wear Socks And Gloves

Keeping your extremities warm can help immensely when trying to get a jump start on your tan, we do live in Canada so sometimes you need to take those extreme measures to keep yourself looking fly as hell even at your palest time of year. This is why I suggest using some mitts and socks, it can do wonders to keep you warm, just make sure no one can actually see you. This way you can wear your two piece (finally) while not freezing your tits off. This is mainly for people with locked backyards, no one needs to know your secret.

5. Tan On Your Lunch Break

Working that 9-5 and you only have an hour break to soak up that delicious vitamin d, use it. Eat outside, find a picnic bench and or even a sidewalk to sprawl out on. We have been cooped up for far too long, and now we will do almost anything to feel those rays on our face again. Every Montrealer deserves to feel the happiness that Mr. Sun can bestow and even if it is short lived, it is absolutely necessary. Now more than ever.

 6. Oil, Oil and more Oil

Sunscreen is for beginners, this we are not. Oil is where it's at and it's what you need to make it happen for you, specifically this early in the tanning game. This is serious business no pussy shit, SPF 15 is as high as we go and were gonna like it no LOVE it. The smell alone is enough to make us wet our panties we have craved that stench for so long, the coconut beach smell that puts us over the edge. No stopping us now.

 7. Invest In a Heat Lamp

Perhaps you already have one from some cooler August nights, but why wait to pull it out. To sustain yourself when attempting to get that glow it might be necessary especially on those chillier sunny days that are about to come our way. The ones that are mildly deceiving, when the sun is shining so bright you know she just wants you to embrace her in every sense.

 8. Timing Is Everything

The sun is strongest from 12pm - 2pm so if you really want to shine bright like a diamond you are going to want to get out there between those hours. You will make the best of your tanning time and truly make a difference from pale Montreal ghost to glowing Dominican princess.

9. Moisturize The Shit Out Of Your Skin

Moisturizing before and after tanning is key. It keeps that color long lasting, especially at this time their may be some lags between tanning days. You are going to want to get the best out of your time spent outdoors, by moisturizing you can ensure some of that hard work will definitely pay off.

 10. Drink Lots Of Water

Even if it is still chilly outside and you may not be sweating your balls off just yet, you still need to keep hydrated while tanning. You may not realize this but staying hydrated keeps the skin full of nutrients and moist. The sun dries up the water in your body, even if it is still nippy outside.

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