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Why Your Second Love Will Always Be Better Than Your First Love

Just wait until you find out for yourself.

They say your first love is someone that you will never forget because they left an imprint on your heart which will last forever. Falling in love with them was the best thing you could have imagined but now that it's all over you just don’t know how to feel. Sad, hopeless, angry, perhaps even lost. You’re scared because you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to get over them and you still love them even after they broke your heart.

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The thing is, there is a reason this love you once felt so magical is called your first love. It’s because it isn’t your last. Even if at the moment you feel like you’ve lost everything, trust me, you will love again and your second love will be even better than your first one.

Your second love is better because you’ve learned from your mistakes. From big to small stuff, your first relationship will have taught you what made you screwed up and you’ll be able to realize what battles are worth fighting for. For instance, while in your first relationship, you probably wanted to give up whenever you saw trouble coming but while you’ve reach your second your second relationship, you’ll be less likely to end everything over a simple argument because you’ll have learned the powerful force of working through your issues. In a relationship, there are no shortcuts and this an important lesson that you would have learned and take with you.

When you second love will come, you’ll be older, more mature and your thinking will be more rational. You’ll know yourself much better and what you really are looking for in a relationship. When you first fall in love, we often welcome it with open arms and with so much innocence. We don't really think about the journey we’re about to jump in. But now that time has passed, maybe you now want someone with more determination or someone that will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone. The person you will fall in love with may do things that your first love would have never done and you might find it totally awesome. Falling in love again is far from being boring. Maybe, it will allow you to feel everything again. Feel the things that were once real but disappeared with time during your first relationship. Let your soul fall in love again and you’ll be impressed by how much love you still carry and ready to give.

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