Why You're About To Be A LOT Happier In Montreal

The end of SADness is near!
Why You're About To Be A LOT Happier In Montreal

Alright, I'm going to be real with you guys. These past few months, I've just been the worst person to be around. To be honest, it's nothing new; I get like this every year, thanks to the onset of what I've recently learned to be SAD (AKA, seasonal affective disorder). When winter rolls around, I tend to lose all my energy, sleep in more - or not sleep at all - and just generally hate on everything.

There's something about shorter days, cold weather, being forced to put on winter boots (winter boots are not my thing, TBH), being deprived from all (most) sunshine, and just generally being forced to do less with your day that really gets to me.

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Looking out the window and seeing gloom doesn't put me in the best mood, for some strange reason - and I know a lot of people who feel the same way. It goes without saying that, unless you genuinely enjoy winter, Montreal's colder months don't exactly bring out the ear-to-ear grin in you. But, friends who are in the same boat as me, you guys don't have to worry. Happiness has come for us once again.

First of all, it's set to be super beautiful this week - which, as we can all hope (seeing as April is quickly approaching), means that we're creeping into the beautiful sunshine and greenery that is spring in Montreal. I don't know about you guys, but seeing sunny days and green grass is pretty much all I need to put a spring (anyone?) in my step.

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But with the onset of spring comes a bunch of other wonderful things. Jogging outside and biking to work become things you can totally do again. If you feel like taking a walk, guess how much prep time you're going to need? None. Step into your shoes, zip up that windbreaker, and enjoy.

Exercising outside in the sun and beauty of nature becomes totally cool and non-painful; and since we all know that the best way to keep happy is to introduce some exercise into your life (right?), the fact that it's going to be a lot easier to get some movement in pretty soon bodes pretty well for those happiness levels.

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Plus, if you're missing the warm embrace of the sun/vitamin D, then don't sweat it. This week is not only gearing up to be warm, but super sunny, too. And, hey, even if we're hit by a freak snowstorm in the middle of April (please no), then whatever. At least we had one week of double digit temperatures and sunshine, right?

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