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Wild Squirrel Will Soon Be Served In Montreal Restaurants

A new food initiative by the PQ allowing restaurants to get their wild game on.
Wild Squirrel Will Soon Be Served In Montreal Restaurants

Come this fall, wild game will be allowed on the menus of certain Montreal restaurants. Yes, soon you can enjoy fresh-from-the-hunt meats (like beaver, muskrat, and squirrel) without having to wear any orange neon hunting gear, or even leave the city for a second.

Wild game can now be featured in Montreal's restaurants thanks to a new pilot project being installed by the provincial government. Before, restaurants could only serve farm-raised game meat, but in the near future, 10 restaurants across Quebec will be able to serve wild game, as long as it is in season.

The change is thanks to the PQ's new "Food Sovereignty" program, an initiative with the goal of strengthening Quebec's cultural identity and heritage. And we all know nothing says Quebec like food and hunting.

Although only 10 restaurants in the province will be allowed to serve wild game (Au Pied de Cochon an almost sure bet, as head chef Martin Picard has been a longtime advocate of the initiative), if all goes well, it's probable that more Montreal restaurants (if not all) will be able to grill, roast, and bake Quebec's many hunt-able animals.

Personally, I'm pumped for some squirrel.

Are you excited to eat some wild game?

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