Will Brands Be Taking Over The Entire Montreal Metro?

Given the STM's latest questionnaire, probably.
Will Brands Be Taking Over The Entire Montreal Metro?

Photo cred - What Quebec Wants

Montreal's metro network is pretty great, being easily navigable, decently cheap to use (for students at least), and environmentally sound. Problems do exists, as we're all aware, with random malfunctions and delays being only two of more than a few. Money fixes all problems though, so maybe the solution is to let brands take over the STM network, a plan already set in motion.

A big story in 2010, the STM officially stated it would be looking into offering major brands and corporations sponsorship deals in order for the public transit company to gain more funding. Then-director of the STM was certain to point out that there would be no name-changing of the lines/adding in brand-names to stations, and only "tasteful logos" would be attached to the metro.

Now the STM is looking into how folks feel about branding the metro, as seen in a questionnaire recently tweeted-out by Kéven Breton, which essentially asked Montrealers how strongly they feel about slapping on brands to every aspect of the STM. Questions include how people feel about adding a brand name to a metro line, branding a metro station, and the branding of new equipment, like escalators. Check out the questionnaire below.

Photo cred - Kéven Breton

The map below is actually just a parody image created by Projet Montreal, but given the questions the STM is asking the people of Montreal, the "brand name Montreal metro map" may become a reality. Getting companies to brand the metro could bring in around $155 million, so we wouldn't be surprised in the slightest.

In terms of truly bettering the metro network, this may not even be a bad thing. We see ads literally everywhere, all the time, so the companies trying to get into our brains mine as well be funding some beneficial projects that will aid the city. Lord knows the metro network needs to be more accessible to those with disabilities, and if it takes some corporate cash to get more elevators, then so be it.

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